May 31, 2022|12:24 pm

Plywood is certainly a go-to option for all kinds of interior and exterior uses. Be it in homes or workplaces, plywood has taken the place instead of traditional solid wood with its unbeatable qualities and benefits. As there are a lot of materials available in the market for making furniture, here in this blog, we will explain why plywood would be an ideal choice for this application.

In case you are not aware, plywood is a wood-based material that is engineered by pressing thin slices of wood (veneer) with resin at a high temperature. Nowadays, plywood is preferred over solid wood as plywood overcomes all the drawbacks of solid wood like warping, shrinking, and being vulnerable to moisture. Plus, it gives the beauty of natural wood at a much more affordable price.  

Strong and durable
Since plywood is made of sturdy wood and uses high-quality adhesives, it will beat all other wood substitutes when it comes to strength. You can expect plywood furniture to last decades with no issues.  

Various options to go with
The plywoods are a highly versatile material that comes in various types suitable for different applications. For making sofas and cupboards, you can choose commercial plywoods and for kitchen and bathroom furniture, where moisture will be present, you can go ahead with marine grade plywoods, which are known for their ability to resist moisture for a long period of time.  

Keeps termites at bay
The main issue with the wooden furniture is that it is vulnerable to termites. Termites will eat and destroy the furniture to an extent where it cannot be restored. The plywood sheets, on the other hand, go through a fumigation process, which will ensure protection from termites and borers.  

Affordable and eco friendly
Plywood is affordable compared to solid woods like teak or mahogany. Even though they cost much less, plywood doesn’t compromise strength or durability. Gurjan powered plywood even comes with a lifetime warranty.

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