A guide to enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom with wood veneers

November 11, 2022|11:56 am

Wood veneers are one of the most preferred decorative materials by homeowners and interior designers as well considering their rich appeal and extreme durability.  Your bedroom is where you spend most of the time when you are at home so it is essential to keep it clean and elegant so you can wake up to a new day with a pleasant feeling. You can utilize wood veneers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom on a budget compared to other decorative materials and solid wood.  There are many ways you can use veneers in your bedroom. Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the best creative ways. 

Acoustic Cladding Wall Panel

It is the latest interior design trend to have entertainment units or sound systems in the bedrooms, to improve their sound quality you can install acoustic cladding, which are insulation panels on walls that enhance the elegance of the room and absorbs noise. 


You obviously need storage for your bedroom as you have to keep your personal things such as dresses and accessories. That is when you need a good wardrobe. If you install WoodSoul veneers that match the interior of your bedroom to the wardrobe, it will improve the overall durability of the wardrobe while giving your space a cozy appeal. 

Dressing table or coffee table

You can complement your bedroom with a dressing table or coffee table and an accent chair. If you place it near a window where there is plenty of natural lighting, it will provide a comfy ambiance. You can find suitable veneers for this application from Plymarc’s WoodSoul veneers collection.    If you're looking for beautiful veneer designs for your bedroom or living spaces, you can purchase them from Plymarc as we reputable manufacturer who provides you with huge a variety of collections to choose from.

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