A Guide to Shuttering Plywood: What You Need to Know

April 11, 2023|10:52 am

A Guide to Shuttering Plywood: What You Need to Know

Shuttering plywood is a popular choice worldwide for creating concrete structures. Whether you are an engineer or someone looking to take on a DIY construction project, you must have heard about shuttering plywood and its benefits. In this blog, we will try to cover everything you need to know about shuttering plywood.

What is shuttering plywood?

Shuttering plywood is a kind of plywood that is so strong and comes with a smooth finish on the surface. This plywood is specially designed to use as a formwork in construction. As the shuttering plywood uses strong adhesives and is film-faced, it is resistant to moisture and is extremely durable.

Why choose shuttering plywood?

The formwork made of shuttering plywood is extremely strong and it withholds the concrete very well compared to other shuttering methods, like wooden shuttering. Traditional wooden shuttering has many problems, such as wrapping and breaking and it is vulnerable to moisture. On the other hand, shuttering ply resists exposure to water and chemicals very well.

Is it economically feasible?

Wooden planks are the most used shuttering material in the construction industry after shuttering plywood. The reason for this is that wood is cheaper and easier to find. But unlike the wooden planks, shuttering plywood will last years without getting damaged and so you can use it multiple times. Shuttering plywood is more like a one-time investment for contractors and architects.

When selecting shuttering plywood, there are a few key factors to consider. Like the thickness and grade of the plywood. The thicker the shuttering ply is the stronger it will be and if is too thick, it will be difficult to work on.

Another thing to consider is the brand you choose to purchase it from. Plymarc manufactures the finest quality shuttering plywood with the help of sophisticated technologies like calibration. If you wish to purchase from us you can purchase from your nearest dealer or you can order online here.

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