Advantages of using termite-proof plywood from Plymarc

January 19, 2023|12:21 pm

Termites are a common problem in households, as these little monsters will mercilessly destroy our valuable furniture. The issue with the infestation of termites and bores is that you will never know they are eating away your priced possessions until it is too late. And it is almost impossible to get rid of them completely even if you found early as they will hide somewhere and come back later. This is where having your furniture made of termite-proof plywood becomes a life-saving idea. As our termite-proof plywood is treated with chemicals that are toxic to termites, they will never bother your furniture. Thanks to our R&D team, even though our ply is deadly to termites, it is absolutely safe for humans and animals. Furthermore, our termite-proof plywoods like Plymarc Club are E-zero certified by CARB, which means our plywood reduces the emission(VOC) of volatile organic compounds like Formaldehyde to its bare minimum.   In addition to keeping termites at bay, our termite-proof plywood also offers some other benefits, such as increased durability and strength.   Even if it cost a little more than regular plywood, it is absolutely worth it to choose termite-proof plywood considering the remarkable benefits it offers. However, when choosing termite-proof plywood, it is important to make sure that it comes from a reputable brand like Plymarc and that it meets the quality standards put forward by national authorities, as you will never know what you are getting when you are buying unbranded plywood from the local market.   Overall, the use of termite-proof plywood is an important step in protecting your home or structure from termite damage and ensuring its long-term durability and stability. Invest in good quality termite-proof ply from Plymarc and don’t let the termites eat away your favorite furniture you bought with hard-earned money. Purchase premium quality termite-proof plywood such as Plymarc Trust, Plymarc Club or Plymarc Gold for all your furnishing needs as we are one of the most trusted plywood manufacturers in India. If you have any queries regarding which plywood grade is perfect for your specific application, you can contact us right away at +91 81118 12888 or 0484-4855552.  

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