April 26, 2022|8:31 am

Plywood is a popular material as it is cost-effective and easy to work with. If we utilise plywood instead of solid wood for various applications, not only do we save money, but we also receive considerable benefits like durability, strength and resistance from termites, moisture and harsh weather conditions.

However, even though the plywood is a total life-changer, there was always room for improvisation, that is where calibration technology comes into hand. Plymarc plywood offers two grades of plywood that undergo an advanced calibration process to achieve a uniform thickness on the edges and a super smooth surface.

Plymarc trust

Plymarc trust is a premium quality calibrated plywood, which is made of the highest quality gurjun woods imported from South-East Asian countries. Considering its unbeatable strength and durability, Plymarc offers a lifetime guarantee for Trust plywood. As it goes through a calibration process, it is smooth and even on all the edges.

Plymarc club

Bonded with high-quality phenol-formaldehyde resin, the Plymarc club is another calibrated plywood, which is made of gurjan and other superior quality plywood. Both faces of the plywood sheet go through the calibration process to enhance the appearance of the grains, which makes it ideal for furniture and modular kitchens.

If you are looking for a superior quality calibrated plywood for your residential or commercial establishment, then go ahead with the Plymarc calibrated plywoods, which are manufactured using advanced calibration technology and certified by CARB for reducing chemical emissions to a bare minimum. Both Plymarc club and Plymarc trust come with uniform thickness and smooth surfaces. They are engineered to withstand the test of time.

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