How to elevate your home decor with PVC foam boards?

August 22, 2022|12:08 pm

If you are looking for materials to spruce up your interior and want it to be strong, durable, and affordable, PVC foam boards can be an excellent choice for you. Unlike solid wood or particle board, these boards meet all the quality standards and eliminate all their disadvantages. The TrustWUD PVC foam boards are also available in various thicknesses and widths to meet your particular needs.

No shrinkage or swelling
The major disadvantage of solid wood is that it responds negatively to weather changes. It shrinks and swells according to the temperature. On the other hand, foam boards will remain intact for decades, regardless of how harsh the weather is.

Borer & Termite Proof
The high density of PVC foam board makes it an ideal choice for homes because of its durability and the fact that it is 100% borer & termite proof. This makes PVC foam boards an ideal material for kitchen cupboards and shelves.

It's 100% Waterproof
Since the PVC foam board is resistant to water, you can use it indoors, such as in bathrooms and the kitchen, where water and moisture are likely to occur.

Safe for you and the earth Unlike many other synthetic building materials, the foam board does not emit any toxic fumes and gases that are deadly. With TrustWud premium foam boards, you can be sure that your home contains no chemicals.

Bacteria & Fungus Proof
It is not uncommon for homeowners to look for innovative ways to minimize hygiene risks at home. If microorganisms sit on decorative surfaces, they can cause foul odors, and stains and cause health hazards. Therefore, bacteria and fungus-proof PVC foam boards are preferred by designers.

The advantages of PVC foam board make it one of the most effective building materials currently available. Choose TrustWUd PVC foam boards to give your home decor a distinct touch that will result in stunning & unforgettable home interiors that will leave a lasting impression.

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