March 31, 2022|6:47 am

We all dream of a home where we can dwell in peace and happiness. A home that boasts comfort and has all the necessary amenities. One of the elements that give a luxurious vibe to the home is furniture. However, if you are on a shoestring budget yet looking to add the luxury factor to your home, you may have to eliminate the furniture from your list.

But fret not! There are some easy and budget-friendly ways through which you can make your home luxurious and inviting. And this can be done using plywood and veneers, which also lay emphasis on simplicity and sustainability. Read further to know how you can make your home look luxurious on a budget.

Plywood Flooring

Construction-grade plywood has proved to be an excellent choice for residential finish flooring. The multiple thicknesses of thin wood veneer in plywood give an edge over hardwood. Also, these floors are easy to clean and maintain. And unlike hardwood, plywood won’t shrink or break in extreme weather conditions.

Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

With the emergence of modular kitchens, Plywood has become the most sought-after material to be used in kitchens. Its high durability and resilience make it a great fit for Indian kitchens. Cupboards and cabinets save a lot of space and give your kitchen a neat and posh ambience. Plymarc club is an ideal choice for your kitchen as it can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and heat. It is favourite among customers considering its timeless appeal.

Living room

Mesmerise your guests with your alluring living room. Decorate your living room with wood veneers and create a cozy and rich ambience for your guests. Plymarc’s premium wood veneer series offers a great collection of unique patterns that will stay new for decades.

Modern furniture

Modern furniture can change the entire ambience of your home. You can make great furniture out of plywood as it is strong and super durable. You can construct frames for sofas, beds, and tables with Plymarc Flexi plywood instead of solid wood. Plymarc Flexi is easy to work with and offers protection against borers and termites and resists water as well.

If you are on a budget and don't want to compromise on either quality or ambience of your interiors, then you should go ahead with Plymarc plywoods and veneers, which provide your home the rich and luxurious ambience you desire. Please contact us if you need expert advice on choosing the right plywood grade for your specific need.

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