How to uplift your interiors with WoodSoul veneers?

October 28, 2022|4:41 am

A home is a home only if it is truly yours and reflects your tastes. Unless, your house is a mere building made of bricks and concrete. You should put your time and effort into making your house a home where you can live peacefully with your family.   One should carefully choose the interior elements of their home. It can be an overwhelming task for an ordinary man to do so as there are plenty of interior decorative materials out there. We hope this blog will help you gain a better understanding of veneers and their advantages as an interior decorative material.   To make your truly stunning, plymarc offers WoodSoul Veneers, which consist of four different categories of wood veneers, the natural series, designer series, exotic series, and smoked series respectively. Let's see how you can uplift the aura of your interiors with WoodSoul veneers.  

The walls and panels

Walls and panel are probably the first thing that makes an impression on anyone. When there are any colour variations or repeatation in the patterns will ruin that impression in a snap.that is where using wood veneers from WoodSoul becomes a life saver. The unique grain patterns of our veneers give your interiors a natural and rich feel. The only thing you should be mindful is that the shade of veneer is matching to the rest space. WoodSoul offers a huge variety of shades for you to choose from.    

Shelves and cabinets

As most homes are small nowadays, good storage space is essential. it should also be good looking and durable. Using wood veneers for shelves and cabinets offer various benefits such as rich ambience, water resistance, termite resistance etc. You can customize your storage spaces made of any material with beautiful wood veneers.  

Accent furniture

Furniture are no longer serves the sole purpose of functionality, they are also a style statement. Great looking furniture add depth to your spaces. You can turn simple furniture into a piece of art using our marvellous collection of veneers.     If you want to enhance the ambience of your home without putting a hole in your wallet, you can go ahead with the beautiful wood veneers from WoodSoul. You can check out our vast collection of unique veneer patterns here.  

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