Particle board vs. Plywood: Which one is better and why?

August 1, 2022|4:52 am

From time to time, we have to choose between different materials for home decor or furniture. And sometimes we get overwhelmed by the various choices available as we have to consider many factors like cost, maintenance, durability, and so on. In this blog, we will clarify which among them is better Particle board or Plywood.

Even though both particle boards and plywood are available in similar sheets and varying thicknesses, the application of each material is determined by various factors. We will cover all of them further.

What is a Particle board?
Particle board is a product that is manufactured using timber waste and adhesives. The wood chips used in the surface layer of the particle board are thinner than those in the middle layer, which makes the surface layer much denser and more solid. Particle boards are generally cheaper and lighter compared to other building materials.

What is Plywood?
Plywood is an engineered wood product that is manufactured by gluing together thin slices of wood called veneers using strong adhesives. The more layers plywood has, the thicker it becomes. Plywood is an extremely durable and strong material. And it comes in various grades, specially made to suit different applications.

After learning the difference between a particle board and a plywood panel, let's now have a look at the different factors of both these materials.

Particle board is made of recycled wood or timber waste, and plywood is made of wood veneers.

Compared to plywood, particle boards are quite fragile. Good quality plywood can beat even solid wood in strength.

Screw Holding Capacity
Since the particle boards are so soft and brittle, they can hardly hold screws or nails. Plywood, on the other hand, can hold nails effectively owing to its strong competition.

Now you can clearly see that plywood is the clear winner here. If you are looking for high-quality plywood that meets your specific application, you can get it from Plymarc plywood as it is prominent in the industry and well-known for producing exceptional quality plywoods.

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