Plywood vs solid wood: which one is more sustainable

January 25, 2023|4:08 am

Apart from the question of which one is stronger, another doubt we often hear from our customers is which one, plywood or solid wood, is more sustainable. It is encouraging to hear questions like these, as it is a sign that people are becoming more concerned with the environment. 

When compared to other substitutes, such as plastic or concrete, solid wood is a sustainable material. as they are way too harmful to our planet. But compared to plywood, one can say that plywood is the clear winner here. Let's see why plywood is more sustainable than solid wood ‌ahead in this blog.

Utilization of resources

Both wood and‌ plywood are byproducts of natural timber, which is harmless to the environment. However, when considering deforestation, plywood utilizes timber better, as it leaves no waste. This means that when you are choosing plywood for a project, the number of trees cut down will be reduced to one-third compared to solid wood.


Manufactured from Sustainable forests:

Most of the solid wood products are coming from natural forests and cutting down trees results in massive deforestation. But plywood, on the other hand, reduces deforestation to an extent as we source our timber only from sustainable forests in Asia, and our ply is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). If you don’t know what is a sustainable forest, it is a skillfully managed system, where each tree being cut down will be replaced by multiple seedlings, so the forest will continue to exist without being damaged.   In a nutshell, both wood and plywood can have eco-friendly aspects, depending on how they are sourced and produced.   However, in general, plywood can be considered more eco-friendly than solid wood in certain aspects. This is because plywood is made by gluing together multiple layers of thin wood veneers, which allows for more efficient use of wood and less waste. Additionally, plywood is often made from fast-growing, renewable species of trees, whereas solid wood may be sourced from slower-growing, more traditional hardwoods.   It is important to note that not all plywood is eco-friendly. It's important to check the source of the wood and certifications when making a purchase. You have to be cautious while making the purchase and make sure the plywood you purchase is FSC certified. And for such great quality plywood, you can purchase from Plymarc, as we are one of the leading plywood and veneer manufacturers in India.        

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