PVC Foam Boards: Everything You Need To Know

February 28, 2022|12:41 pm

PVC foam board is undoubtedly one of the most used construction materials in the world as it meets various construction needs and capabilities. We all know it is a substitute material for concrete and boards like plywood, but do you know how is it made and how it benefits the construction and advertising industry? Read further to know it all. What is a PVC foam board?

PVC foam board is a strong board available in various thicknesses. It is an ideal choice for construction as it offers a flat and smooth surface that is easy to work on. And unlike other substitutes, PVC foam boards are non-toxic and eco-friendly as they are made of thermoplastic materials, which are 100% biodegradable. The applications of PVC foam board

Although PVC foam boards are commonly used in the construction industry, they have many other uses too. For instance, they are used in making advertising signboards, kiosks, etc.

As the PVC foam boards are easy to work with and can be sawed and drilled effortlessly, they are used to make kitchen cabinets, partition boards and garage doors. Further, PVC boards also boast essential characteristics like water resistance and strength.

The benefits of foam board

Durability: One of the benefits of PVC foam board is its durability. It can last for up to forty years without any damage.

Easy to work with: You can cut and drill PVC form boards with ease. This makes PVC boards one of the most preferred materials in residential and commercial constructions. Sound insinuation: even though the PVC foam boards cannot block sound completely, they are used for sound insinuation as they can effectively reduce the noise to its bare minimum.

Water-resistance : The moisture resisting properties in PVC foam boards makes it ideal for commercial as well as residential establishments. These boards even have marine applications.

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