April 30, 2022|10:49 am

When it comes to construction projects, plywoods are a lifesaver. It will help you meet all your needs effectively on budget compared to the other construction materials. But there are thousands of suppliers in India to get you confused. So, how do you pick the best plywood brand for your next construction project? Well, let's find out.

There are certain standards that a plywood company in India must follow in order to be the best in the business. As you read this blog, you will gain an understanding of the factors to consider when choosing plywood.

Reputation matters

There are people who always look for cheaper options without worrying much about the reputation of the brand. But the problem with this is that you’ll never know the quality of what you are getting. From a reputed brand like Plymarc, you can expect genuine quality plywood as well as good customer service to satisfy your requirements. It is always safe to stick to a company that is known for its reputation in the industry. Do they offer what you need?

Each application requires different grade plywoods to get the job done. So make sure the manufacturer has the plywood that meets your specific needs. Be it waterproof, fire retardant, or pre-laminated, you can find all sorts of plywood at Plymarc.

Do they have ISI certification?

The ISI mark verifies that the product meets the Indian standard of quality, which is developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS). So always ensure that the product you are about to shop has ISI certification.

Do they have FSC certification?

As we are entering an era where sustainability has the utmost importance. Make sure that the plywoods are recyclable and created from materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible and socially beneficial forestry around the world. So, make sure that the company is accredited by the FSC.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the quality and standards Plymarc's plywood adheres to. And feel free to contact us for a quotation if you would like to know more about our prices!

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