Shuttering Plywood: Why Use it for Construction?

March 18, 2022|12:24 pm

Shuttering or formwork is the mold that supports the concrete mixture till it gets strong enough to support itself. The construction industry has been relying on traditional formwork methods such as timber shuttering because it is cheap and available easily. Even though it is commonly used, timber formworks have many disadvantages compared to plywood.

As the wooden planks are not watertight, they reduce the overall strength and quality of the concrete. And in some cases, the wooden planks are not strong enough to withstand the weight of the concrete poured into them, and thus, it results in bending or breaking of the mold.

Why switch to Shuttering plywood?

So, what exactly are shuttering plywoods and how are they different from wooden shuttering? Shuttering plywoods are nowadays preferred for construction over wooden planks because they can hold the concrete mix more effectively due to their increased thickness. Shuttering plywood gets this density because of its multi-layered core of veneers that are pressed using extremely high temperatures. Most of the construction works require shuttering plywoods as they can hold a heavy load of concrete mixture and can be constructed in any complex shape. You can trust Plymarc shuttering plywood for creating walls, ceilings, drains, and pillars owing to its durability and strength.


Using Plymarc shuttering plywood for construction has many advantages, and we are just highlighting a few. So, let’s get started one-by-one:


Shuttering plywood from Plymarc is lightweight and hence, they are easy to work with and transport. Despite being lightweight, Plymarc shuttering plywood offers you immense durability and strength. This is the very reason why engineers prefer shuttering plywood over wooden shuttering.

Can Be Reused

Unlike other shuttering methods, shuttering plywood can be reused multiple times. This is why the shuttering plywood from Plymarc has a great fanbase. You can save money and time when you are using Plymarc shuttering plywood. It’s almost like a one-time investment that requires no maintenance.

Impressive Resistance

Plymarc shuttering plywood has an impressive resistance against water, fire and even chemicals. It is something you can count on in any weather condition. Like wooden planks, the shuttering plywood won't shrink or crack in extreme climate conditions. We use sophisticated technologies to manufacture shuttering plywoods. Further, our shuttering plywood goes through various quality tests to ensure that it stands against all the odds.

If you are looking for durable and weather-resistant shuttering plywood that you could reuse multiple times, then Plymarc is here to end your search. We provide the best shuttering plywood that meets all the international quality standards.

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