The effectiveness of shuttering plywood in construction

January 2, 2023|4:02 am

Plywood is a material that is commonly used in construction. It is mainly used for exterior and interior applications. Shuttering plywood is a special type of plywood used for pouring concrete while making structures such as bridges and staircases. This blog explores the effectiveness of shuttering plywood in construction compared to solid wood and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using this material. By reading this blog, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to use shuttering plywood in your next construction project.

How shuttering plywood works

Traditionally construction industry has been relying on wooden shuttering for frameworks as wood is easily available and cheap, however, wooden planks have many drawbacks such as it absorbs water and tendency to bend and change shape. Shuttering plywood, on the other hand, is a great alternative for wood as it is moisture-resistant and incredibly strong. Shuttering plywood keeps the concrete intact and because of its film-faced surface, it offers a superior finish.

Advantages and disadvantages of shuttering plywood

The shuttering plywood is coated with a smooth film that gives the concrete a smooth finish that can never be achieved with traditional lumber. Apart from this, shuttering plywood has several advantages over traditional lumber, including moisture and termite resistance. And the economical part is that the shuttering plywood can be reused multiple times without getting damaged and can bear heavy loads of concrete poured into it without breaking or bending like timber. However, shuttering plywood has some disadvantages too—it's more expensive than standard lumber, and it takes longer to install. Overall, shuttering plywood is a good option for construction because of its many benefits. If you need plywood and veneer for your construction project, you can visit Plymarc, a top plywood and veneer manufacturer in India. The densified shuttering plywood we produce will help you build the projects of your dreams with ease and save you money along the way.

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