Tips to take care of your plywood furniture like a pro

June 23, 2023|5:07 am

We just love our plywood furniture. They are stylish, durable, and pocket-friendly. But the majority of us have no idea how to properly care for our expensive furniture. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most important tips that will help you keep your furniture in mint-fresh condition.

Regular Dusting and Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the first step toward proper care. Dusting your furniture at least twice a week using a cotton cloth will keep it new and fresh for decades to come. If you spill something on it, wipe it off right away before it leaves any stains.

Apply veneer lamination

Plywood is good on its own. That is true, but you can enhance its beauty and increase its longevity by five times if you incorporate veneer into your plywood furniture. Wood veneers will work as a protective layer for your furniture and prevent damage from heat and moisture.

Protection from Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will dull and discolor the surfaces of your furniture unless they are made of outdoor-friendly plywood. To keep your indoor furniture pieces safe, you can place them away from direct sunlight or put them behind a curtain.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your Plymarc plywood furniture. With proper care, your furniture pieces will continue to be a stunning addition to your home for years to come.

If you wish to purchase the finest quality plywood that is perfect for your specific application, you can do so from Plymarc, as we are one of the most prominent manufacturers and distributors in India certified by CARB for producing environmentally friendly plywood.

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