Top Interior Design Trends You Should Follow in 2022

July 27, 2022|4:52 am

It’s always fun predicting upcoming home decor and interior design trends. Some popular trends will lose their charm, and some oldies will make a comeback. People welcome home trends that are raging at the moment or classic styles that will remain the same in the times to come.

Here we have curated some practical and aesthetically pleasing home decor trends, furniture choices, and other interior design elements that will possibly rule homes in 2022.

Nature Inspired Interiors
Blending nature is the best way to make your spaces more living and delightful. You can bring greenery into your home with beautiful indoor plants like monstera, fiddle-leaf fig, and sweetheart. And you can complement it with the wood grain patterns of natural veneers.

Wooden flooring and furniture will add a soothing ambiance to your home. You can incorporate Plymarc club and trust plywood for flooring as it offers the true beauty and strength of natural wood and eliminates the drawbacks of solid wood such as the threat of termite attack, damage from water, and changing shape as the weather changes.

The Coming of Multifunctional Spaces
Since the pandemic hit us hard, a home is never just a space to eat and sleep. It is where we work, have fun, and do everything in between. People now prefer spaces with multi-functionality over spaces with a single purpose. You can get the most out of your spaces by dividing rooms effectively and using shelves. Using Plymarc’s PVC foam boards as a division and for shelves would be an ideal choice for modern homes, considering its strength, durability, and affordability.

A Dedicated Place to Work
It’s astonishing to find out that working from home is much more productive than working from an office. But getting distracted while working is a major concern when working from home. Having a home office-a dedicated space to work can fix this issue completely and make you super productive at work.

The Revisit of the Retro
The interior design trends that ruled the 70s will ‌ make a comeback with all their glory. But don't expect it to be exactly like it used to be in the past. It will come with a modern twist.

You can consider the above-mentioned interior design trends if you are building a new home or going for a renovation. For durable and aesthetically pleasing interiors, you can never go wrong with the beautiful veneers and superior quality plywood from Plymarc.

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