Veneer vs. Solid wood: Which one is better for you?

August 22, 2022|4:22 am

When you are making wooden furniture or doing a home renovation that involves wood, you have two options to go ahead with: wood veneers and solid wood. You will obviously have a good idea of solid wood and its benefits. But to many of you, wood veneers might be a new term. Here in this blog, we will introduce you to wood veneers and see whether they can replace solid wood.

What are wood veneers?
Wood veneers are thin slices of natural wood that can stick onto the panels of plywood or fiberboard. As the veneers are real wood, not an artificial wood-like material, they bring forth the beauty of natural wood. It is hard to tell apart from furniture made of solid wood and wood veneers unless you are an expert in this industry.

As it is only a thin slice of wood, it reduces wood consumption to its bare minimum. So you can say that veneers are environment-friendly and affordable compared to solid wood.

Why go ahead with veneer instead of solid wood?
There is a common misconception that solid wood is of superior quality compared to wood veneers. In reality, veneers outperform solid wood in many ways. In contrast to solid wood, veneers do not react to changes in humidity or climate. Extreme weather causes solid wood to crack or bend.

If you are someone who likes the natural look of solid wood, you can also experiment with wood veneers as they bring forth the beauty of natural grain patterns into your home. You can get rare and exotic wood grains at a much more affordable price when choosing wood veneers. Due to limited resources, many species of solid wood are quite expensive.

Choose from a wide range of veneers
Plymarc offers a vast collection of wood veneers to choose from. We have four unique categories where you can find patterns that suit your taste. WoodSoul veneers are available in four series: Designer series, Natural series, Smoke series, and Exotic series.

You can bring the true beauty of natural wood into your home with veneers. Consider using premium veneers for some of your home design items if you prefer the feel of solid wood! There is no doubt that you will love them. You can purchase premium quality plywood from Plymarc, as we are one of the most trusted plywood and veneers manufacturers in India.

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