Veneering with plywood : A guide

November 28, 2022|12:21 pm

Veneering With Plywood: A Guide

Plywoods are an amazing building material that offers various benefits compared to wood or other substitutes. That's why people are now getting more into plywood when they are making furniture or for interior applications compared to wood. But it is true that plywood lacks the astonishing looks of natural wood. Is there any way to make plywood just as beautiful as wood? The answer is yes. With wood veneers, you can give your plywood furniture the unique and charming appeal of natural wood. We will discuss how you can apply WoodSoul veneers to plywood panels and their benefits in this blog.

Benefits of veneering plywood

Plywood is indeed one of the favorite building materials among engineers and homeowners, as it is lighter in weight but stronger and more durable. The nail-holding capacity is also high in plywood. When veneering the plywood, it is easier as it doesn’t require much preparation before applying adhesives. If the plywood you choose is of high quality, like from Plymarc, the face veneer will stay strong for decades without peeling off. Applying a high-quality veneer over a plywood panel that comes off easily is a waste of time and money.

How to choose the perfect veneers?

Finding the finest wood veneers can also be a problem as you have to make sure of its quality and have to find great patterns that complement the rest of your interiors. Plymarc’s WoodSoul veneer collection offers a great range of veneer to choose from that reflects your personality. Let's learn more about our veneer categories ‌so you could find the one you are looking for. 

Designer Series

The veneers in this category offer a sophisticated but ground-breaking approach that gives your home a really natural look. A simple yet opulent appearance is achieved by recreating the finest grain patterns. As we use only the greatest wood species, the designer series veneers are of high quality and environmentally friendly.

Natural Series

You will find great patterns of natural wood species that can make you feel refreshed and charged at home. All the patterns in this category are so distinctive that the design you have at home can only be found at your home.

Smoke Series

As its name implies, the Smoke Series gives your interiors a smoky look. The rich darker shades of this veneers collection give your living spaces depth and a sense of luxury. The smoked series is indeed manufactured to grab all the attention of your guests. 

Exotic Series

These handpicked patterns of the most beautiful grains are a true blend of grandeur and elegance. If you are someone who loves to add an aura of mystery, then the exotic series is for you.  

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