What are the advantages of plywood formwork in construction?

September 16, 2022|12:52 pm

Every construction needs a strong foundation, to build a strong concrete foundation, we need shuttering solutions as the concrete needs support till it gets dry. The mold we use for holding the concrete is known as shuttering. It holds the concrete mixture in shape until it becomes strong enough to stand on its own.

Even though it has many disadvantages, the construction industry has been relying upon conventional and cheaper shuttering solutions such as timber shuttering. Compared to the film-faced shuttering plywood, using wooden shuttering results in reducing the strength and finishing of the concrete structure.

Let's see why plywood formworks are now preferred by engineers and homeowners over traditional shuttering methods. Thanks to the multi-layered veneer core of shuttering plywood, which is cold and hot pressed using strong, water-resistant adhesives, polymeric shuttering plywood can hold the concrete mixture more effectively than any other shuttering solution. Plymarc shuttering plywood is durable and strong, making it perfect for building walls, ceilings, drainages, and pillars.

The Benefits Of Using Plymarc Shuttering Plywood
Despite being so strong and sturdy, the Plymarc shuttering plywood is unbelievably lightweight. This makes the shuttering plywood, an ideal construction material transport and easy to work with. Even though the polymeric shuttering plywood is light in weight, it can hold huge amounts of the concrete mixture without any difficulties.

Can stand against all the odds
Unlike the wooden planks, the plymarc shuttering plywood won't shrink or break reacting to extreme weather conditions. It can resist prolonged exposure to water, chemicals, and even fire without causing any damage to the concrete. Plymarc shuttering plywood is manufactured using sophisticated technologies and it undergoes various tests and meets international quality standards.

You can reuse it
Many sticks to the wooden shuttering even after knowing that it has many disadvantages but is cheaper and easier to find. But they tend to forget that the wooden planks get damaged easily and cannot use multiple times. Plymarc shuttering plywood, on the other hand, can be used multiple times, getting no damage. You can think of it as a one-time investment, which requires no maintenance.

If you're looking for great quality shuttering plywood that is weather-resistant and can be reused multiple times, Plymarc is where you should be looking at. We provide exceptional quality shuttering plywood that complies with all international quality standards.

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