What are the benefits of Gurjan plywood?

November 30, 2022|11:38 am

Gurjan plywood is one of the toughest and most durable plywood available in the market. It is made from the veneers of gurjan trees, which are known for their resistance to moisture and heat. Plymarc trust is a 100% gurjan plywood with which you can trust interiors. All the layers of gurjan plywood, including the core, are made of gurjan veneers. There are many so-called gurjan plywoods out there in the market, which have a coating of gurjan veneers and use some cheap veneers for the core. As a result, the quality of plywood will be lowered significantly. As the gurjan plywood can keep moisture at bay and can resist termites and borers, they are an ideal choice for the kitchen, living spaces, and even bathrooms. You can make strong and beautiful furniture that will last for decades. If you want to make your living room or bedroom more beautiful, you can decorate it with a wall panel made of gurjan plywood and decorate it with Woodsoul veneers. Apart from being strong and durable, Plymarc Trust gurjan plywood is free from chemical emissions. As we do not use formaldehyde-based adhesives and we are E: zero certified by CARB, you can trust your interiors with Plymarc trust. In case you don’t know, formaldehyde emission is a common health threat modern homes face, which can put your family’s health at risk of asthma, heart disease, and even cancer. As our gurjan plywood panel undergoes calibration technology, which gives the plywood even measurement on all sides, makes your projects neat, and offers a smooth surface. When the surface of the plywood is smooth, you can apply paint or decorative laminates, such as wood veneers onto it without tedious preparation. Plymarc sources only the finest gurjan woods for the production of gurjan plywood and we have been exporting high-quality gurjan plywood all over the world. Our plywood is put through several tests before we make it available to the public. Would you like to improve the décor of your house or business with 100% authentic gurjan plywood? Then contact Plymarc, one of India's most reputable plywood manufacturers and suppliers.

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