June 28, 2022|10:46 am

We all want our home to look great, but it would not be wise if we spent our entire life's savings on it. That is when incorporating high-density plywood into our homes makes sense. Unlike solid wood, high-density plywood offers various benefits within a budget. Let's discuss a few of the major benefits and advantages of using high-density plywood in this blog.

Resists termites
The termite attack is one such thing that no one wants for their furniture. These little monsters destroy our furniture inside out in silence and they keep coming back no matter how many times we try to get rid of them. The high-density plywood, on the other hand, keeps the termites and bores at bay as it undergoes a strict fumigation process.

Superior Strength
The high-density plywood is unbelievably strong. Furniture or shelves made of high-density plywood will not break or get damaged easily. As it can bear quite heavy weight, this is an ideal choice for the flooring as well.

Extremely durable
The high-density plywood is designed to last decades with little to no maintenance. To make it extremely durable, it goes through the H&C compression technology, which binds the veneers together with high-quality adhesives Hence, this plywood is perfect for your home if you want your doors, shelves, and furniture to last for a very long time.

Eco friendly
Unlike other wood products, Plymarc's high-density plywood is CARB-certified to produce zero emissions. The adhesives we use reduce emissions to a bare minimum, thus ensuring our plywood doesn’t harm the environment in any way.

Plymarc's high-density plywoods offer optimum strength, a smooth finish, and excellent load-bearing capacities. This plywood is therefore suitable for any application that requires strength and elegance.

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