What makes Plymarc plywood so strong and durable?

October 25, 2022|1:04 pm

The strength and durability of a plywood sheet is depended on various things. Like the wood used and the manufacturing technology. If you are a customer who does not have in depth knowledge about plywood, choosing the right plywood will be challenging. We will share you what you need to look for before purchasing new ply instead of blindly believing what the sales person says. Plymarc is considered one of the finest plywood manufacturers in India, we have been producing the best quality plywood that are strong durable and safe for environment.

The H&C compression technology

Our plywood sheets are made going through a five step process called hot and cold compression technology. It ensures that the plywood will stay strong to the core and the veneers will be equally bonded throughout the sheet. Zero gap layup The plywood is basically thin layers of wood veneers glued together. To ensure strength we assemble the veneer sheets in a criss cross manner.

Pre-press and hot press

Later the Assembled veneer sheets will be cold pressed in single shot, later, this semi bonded plywood sheet will be hot pressed to achieve greater strength and bonding.

Calibration process

The calibration is the process of sanding the hot pressed plywood so it will have a smooth and even finish on all sides. It eliminates all the variations in the thickness and makes the wood working easier. Calibrated plywood is ideal for applying laminates as it has a smooth surface.

The wood species matter

There are softwoods and hardwoods, softwoods are comparatively cheaper and they get easily damaged. We at Plymarc only use high quality hardwoods such as gurjan and eucalyptus to manufacture plywood as these woods can withstand a lot of odds like extreme weather, corrosion, and attack from the termites.

Choose the best ply in India

Plymarc plywood have gained the trust of millions of customers by providing a wide range of products and services related to woodworking fot the last 50 years. We export premium quality plywood sheets to over 20 countries and meets all the international quality standards.

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