What Makes Wood Veneers So Popular Today?

September 15, 2022|4:14 am

Veneers are a natural substitute for synthetic surface laminations. Even though laminates can replicate the look and feel of wood and stones, one can easily tell that they are cheap imitations as they have predictable design patterns.

Veneers, on the other hand, bestow the true beauty of natural wood as the veneers are thin slices of solid wood. When you apply veneer sheets to your favorite furniture or accent walls, no one can easily find out that they are not natural solid wood because of their superior finish.

Veneer sheets are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry as they are suitable for both commercial and residential applications and they come in various designs and patterns. Let's see what makes the Plymarc WoodSoul veneers a hot cake.

A wide range of options
The Plymarc WoodSoul veneer collection offers tonnes of unique veneer patterns to leave you confused to pick one. Plymarc offers three categories of veneers, natural series, exotic series, and designer series, respectively. You can find veneers that match the particular need of your project in these categories.

As Unique as you are
Since the grains of each tree is unique and veneers are thin slices of wood, each veneer sheet you buy is totally distinctive and no two designs will be identical. One of the major flaws of synthetic laminates, like mica, is that they all are identical to each other, and it makes the spaces dull and less appealing.

Strong and durable
Veneer sheets are commonly applied to furniture and other decorative spaces to increase their aesthetic appeal. However, the veneers can actually improve the overall strength and durability of the furniture, as the veneers can act as a protective layer, which can resist moisture and is easy to clean.

Eco-friendly and recyclable
Unlike solid wood, veneer sheets reduce deforestation to its bare minimum. Since the veneers are thin slices of wood, we can manufacture a lot of veneer sheets from a tree log, which means better utilization of natural wood and preventing more trees from cutting down. Plus, since the veneers are a natural product, they can be recycled without causing no harm to the environment.

The aforementioned benefits make wood veneers one of the favorite decorative materials among homeowners and architects. If you wish to use wood veneers to make your home or office beautiful, you can purchase them from Plymarc, as we are one of the leading plywood and veneer manufacturers in India.

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