September 29, 2022|11:55 am

Choosing the right veneer for your home is never an easy task, as you will have to take many things into consideration. Such as wood species, color, thickness, and veneer cuts. Plymarc offers 100s of different unique decorative wood veneers to meet your expectation. Here in this blog, we will discuss all the factors you should keep in mind while searching for your ideal veneers.

Where do you use it?
When you are purchasing decorative veneers, it is important to keep your exact use in mind. Veneers are available in various thicknesses to meet different applications, such as for flooring, walls, and furniture.

For your beautiful furniture, you can choose medium-density veneers or flexible veneers, as they can stay intact for a very long period. For applications where moisture can be expected, such as your kitchen, choosing laminated veneers would be a better idea.

Discover which design matches your interiors
Plymarc offers 100s unique veneers under three different categories. Natural series, Designer series, and Exotic series. This vast collection of veneers can easily overwhelm you, so keep your exact application in mind when you are selecting it. Don’t worry if you are having a hard to choosing the veneers, you can rely on expert advice from our executives.

Go for pre-finished veneers
Although it may appear easy, applying a finish to wood veneer sheets requires substantial skill. So, it is wise to choose pre-finished veneers, since the manufacturers have the knowledge and tools to give your veneers the ideal look and feel. The project timetable may be unduly extended if you decide to complete the veneers on-site, and even a slight error might impair the veneer's overall appearance.

Choose from the best
Purchasing veneers only from renowned producers is critical as it ensures the quality of the goods you receive and get attentive customer support. Plymarc is one of the leading veneer manufacturers in India, producing veneers from high-quality tree logs sourced from around the world. The veneer reaches your hand only after going through dozens of quality measurements.

If you are looking for elegant wood veneers to uplift the look and feel of your home, look no further. WoodSoul Veneers from the house of Plymarc offers you a vast collection of premium quality wood veneer collections. Check out our premium collection here.

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