Which One To Go With Solid Wood Or Veneers

March 29, 2022|11:28 am

Many of us believe that for furniture and home decoration, solid wood would be of superior quality compared to wood veneer. But in fact, the veneers can outperform solid wood in various ways.

If a furniture item is made of wood veneer, just like solid wood, it can withstand adverse weather conditions with ease and unlike solid wood, the veneer won't shrink or bend in the long run.

As the veneers are lighter in weight, the furniture pieces can be easily moved around in the house or transported to a different place.

Why Should You Go For Solid Wood?

Even though solid wood is way too expensive and veneers can outperform it in many ways, solid wood has its own advantages to offer. Solid wood requires low maintenance and it is easy to repair. If you are someone who is seeking these benefits and ready to pay a fortune, then you should go ahead with the solid wood.

Why Consider Wood Veneers For Your Next Project?

Strong & Durable

As veneer sheets get glued to the surface using high-quality adhesives, the overall strength and durability of the furniture improve to a great extent.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The wood veneers are astonishingly beautiful and it brings home a feeling of nature. Wood soul, Plymarc's premium wood veneer offers; natural series, smoked series, and designer series. Each of the series bestows a great collection of rare patterns to fit your taste.

Easy To Clean

Just clean the veneer surface with a cotton or microfiber cloth and it will stay new forever.


Since wood veneers are thin slices of wood, they utilize the trees more effectively than solid wood. It reduces deforestation to a great extent.

If you are looking forward to making the interior of your home beautiful with wood veneers, go through our wood soul collection here.

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